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Jonathan, GinnaFit customer

Jonathan Woytek

For years, chronic back pain shadowed every aspect of my life. Diagnosed with a bulging disk in my 30s, I was advised by my doctor to steer clear of heavy lifting—deadlifts and squatting were off the table. Despite adhering strictly to this guidance, the pain persisted, making everyday activities like walking, sitting, and even standing […]

Maryann, GinnaFit customer

Maryann Rodriguez

For years, I hesitated to hire a trainer, especially as I approached my 50s with increasing back pain that limited my daily activities. When I finally reached rock bottom, I realized I needed professional help. In my initial fitness assessment, it was clear I couldn’t do much. I could barely manage basic movements without discomfort. […]

Juan, GinnaFit customer

Juan Romero

At 80 years old, I’ve discovered that age truly is just a number, especially when it comes to getting stronger and more active. Following my stroke, I harbored doubts about the extent of progress I could achieve. I even thought I was doing fine with just my home stretches. But with GinnaFit’s guidance, I’ve experienced […]

A man with a mask on his chin

Alan Espinoza

Ginna’s lively personality and expertise in the fitness industry are so motivational.  I can always count on her to have a great time and learn something new. Ginna earned the role of Personal Trainer Lead at her previous company by being a great team player. She supported her team, gave expertise knowledge, empathized, gave positive feedback […]

a woman with black glasses

Tzippi Zach

Ginna is a fantastic trainer and a wonderful person. I’ve been working out with her a few years now, both in person and on Zoom, and enjoy it very much. She is professional, patient, and attentive. She adapts the exercises to my skills and needs, and most of all, she makes it fun, so an […]

A woman with blond hair

Mary Dang

I am a returning client for Ginna. I’ve trained with her a few years back and I must say, she’s the real deal and I’m happy with my results! She is very knowledgeable and she has a wonderful personality. She knows exactly how and when to push you to get the most out of your […]