Jonathan Woytek

Jonathan, GinnaFit customer

For years, chronic back pain shadowed every aspect of my life. Diagnosed with a bulging disk in my 30s, I was advised by my doctor to steer clear of heavy lifting—deadlifts and squatting were off the table. Despite adhering strictly to this guidance, the pain persisted, making everyday activities like walking, sitting, and even standing a challenge. I began to resign myself to the idea that back pain was just something I’d have to deal with for the rest of my life.

Everything changed when I started working with Ginna.

We began with gentle back-strengthening exercises using resistance bands. This cautious approach was crucial, as it respected my body’s limits while gradually enhancing my strength. Over time, we progressed and I slowly built up the confidence and capability to handle more. Today, nearly two years into my journey,  I live free of back pain. I can proudly say that I am now able to deadlift over 200 pounds and squat over 325—a feat I once thought impossible. More importantly, this journey has been about more than just lifting weights; it’s been a holistic transformation. I’ve adopted healthier lifestyle choices and embraced a more active way of living.  Thank you, Ginna, for helping me turn my pain into strength.