Alan Espinoza

A man with a mask on his chin

Ginna’s lively personality and expertise in the fitness industry are so motivational.  I can always count on her to have a great time and learn something new.

Ginna earned the role of Personal Trainer Lead at her previous company by being a great team player. She supported her team, gave expertise knowledge, empathized, gave positive feedback and encouragement to others trainers within the organization. Her leadership skills and ability to lead from the front are one of the many reasons Ginna is great at what she does.

Ginna also emulates a great work ethic, she is very professional with her clients as well as maintains a close and friendly relationship that kept her clients interested and motivated to exercise for the long term. Her clients could count on her to bring a fun, positive attitude to exercise. She is loved by all her clients and staff. What a wonderful person and trainer she is and what an amazing experience you’ll have to bring Ginna into your life!