Outdoor Group Classes

Join Our Tailored Outdoor Fitness Community in Forest Hill, San Francisco!

Experience personalized group fitness at its best with GinnaFit’s outdoor classes, led by Ginna, recognized as one of the top personal trainers in San Francisco. With each class capped at 6 participants, you’re guaranteed individualized attention in a tight-knit community setting.

Each 50-minute session is designed for those with busy schedules who are eager to embrace a more active lifestyle. Priced at just $40 per class, these sessions offer a comprehensive fitness regimen that includes strength training, engaging cardiovascular workouts, and flexibility and mobility exercises—all aimed at enhancing your overall health.

Classes are held in the picturesque setting above the Forest Hill Muni station, providing a serene backdrop for your fitness journey, every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 PM. This is more than just a workout—it’s a chance to engage with your community, meet new friends, and be part of a healthier, more active San Francisco.

Special Offer: Bring a friend and get 20% off your next package! It’s a perfect opportunity to share the fitness experience with someone special and enjoy the benefits of working out under the guidance of one of San Francisco’s best trainers.

Please note that booking in advance is required. Drop-ins are not accepted to maintain the personalized nature of each session.

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