Welcome to the GinnaFit Family!

I faced many challenges and limited opportunities growing up in Bolivia, but I also learned a great deal… like how to persevere. Now, I use that strength and compassion, along with my love of sports and fitness, to motivate my clients to improve their lives through wellness. My own experience has taught me that exercise and fitness changes lives…for the better!

I also LOVE my career as a fitness professional, and I’m so grateful for my clients! As a trainer, I get to work with wonderful people and help them experience the positive, joyful effects of daily physical activity, regardless of age or ability. While weight loss and appearance are fantastic byproducts of better fitness, my approach runs much deeper, as I also focus on a holistic and sustainably healthy lifestyles expressly tailored for each client.

With over ten years of experience in the fitness industry and through leadership roles, I’ve learned that truly effective personal training is much more than teaching the proper techniques. A trainer must also be able to assist, engage and motivate their clients, while having a real understanding of their particular “walk of life“.

Coming from another country, traveling, and living in San Francisco for 19 years has enriched my cultural values. I love the fabulous diversity of our city. I’ve also become keenly aware of unique obstacles facing many. I can assure you that GinnaFit is totally inclusive and welcomes ALL individuals interested in discovering their inner selves through daily exercises and wellness.

Gina Flores, Founder, GinnaFit
Ginna, Founder GinnaFit
American Aerobic Association International,
Exercise Physiology from Stanford

Our Mission

To inspire and empower people to move better, feel better, and live their lives with confidence.