Strength Training

We love Strength Training at GinnaFit because it impacts so many aspects of our daily life. For example, the stronger you get, the easier it is to carry and lift things around the house, such as your kids, grandkids, rearranging the furniture or carrying in that load of groceries from your car… you get the idea.

Strength Training can also reduce muscle deterioration, also referred to as sarcopenia — a natural process of aging. As people age, we can lose muscle mass. In general, any reduction in basic daily activities, such as walking, climbing stairs, and activities that require a degree of balance, can contribute to the loss of muscle mass and strength. So, stay active!

Since muscles are connected to bones and tendons, stronger bones are crucial for better movement and the overall protection of our organs, including the heart and brain. Strength training and weight-bearing activities increase stress on the bones, making them stronger and more prepared for future demands. As a result, a process called bone remodeling may be triggered, which can increase bone density. And stronger bones can protect the body from injuries and slow down the aging process — which all of us are in favor of!

At GinnaFit, we use strength training, including squats, overhead press, lounges, pushups and much more to help increase strength, bone density and our enjoyment of life!