Cardio Training

Group classes and cardio classes available with GinnaFit

The long-term value of Metabolic Conditioning” for heart health cannot be overstated. You already know that these activities often include walking, running, swimming, dancing, and countless other vigorous, heart-pumping exercises.

At GinnaFit, we’ll design a conditioning program that makes sense for you — one that you’ll not only enjoy, but will also be in alignment with your lifestyle, health, and current fitness level. For example, if you’re not into running or have certain physical limitations, we might incorporate other awesome fat-scorching exercises, such as kick boxing routines, jumping rope, vertical and lateral jumps, impact and jump-free exercises, resistance band training and weightlifting… just to name a few.

From a scientific standpoint, Metabolic Training is crucial for heart health because it improves your heart’s ability to draw oxygen efficiently from throughout your body, including the brain, which also relies on vast amounts of oxygen and nutrients to function properly.

As we continue to age, our cardiovascular system declines, and blood flow slows, which unfortunately can lead to a loss of cognitive function. And while aging is inevitable, of course, the good news is that long term physical activity can have a positive impact not only on the brain, but at the rate at which we age as well. And who isn’t for that!
Since every cell in your body depends on the cardiovascular system, Anaerobic Training will always be an important, and fun part of your highly personalized fitness program at GinnaFit.

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