About Ginna

Ginna is an established personal trainer who has worked in the fitness industry for the last 4 years and is certified by the ISSA. Ginna works primarily with women, but has extensive experience training men as well. From basic exercises to more complex movements, Ginna’s workouts are varied and tailored to each client's needs.

She specializes in developing personal programs for each of her clients whether it be weight loss, body conditioning, core stability or athletic development. She offers advice and closely monitors the nutrition of her clients and always maintains a positive and supportive atmosphere during her sessions. Workouts can be as challenging or relaxed as you wish, but you will surely enjoy it while feeling and seeing the results.

As a full-time mother, student and personal trainer, Ginna knows how hard it is sustain a conditioning program, but with her group exercise program, you will learn how to continue living a busy lifestyle, while being able to get or stay in shape. You will have also form supportive relationships with others to provide encouragement in your journey to the new you. Here you are not alone, with the help and support of the group, your goals are not impossible.